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30 Nov

For the purposes of this blog, it will be useful to have WordPress categories for all active distilleries. For that matter, in many cases whisky is still on sale from defunct distilleries, so when I can find information on them, I’ll include defunct distilleries, too. I will also create category tags reflecting the ownership of each distillery. As future stories are written, they can then be categorized correctly and cross-referenced appropriately. The next few days will be tedious as I create over 100 articles that only serve to establish the categories for future use.

11:14 a.m. PDT 11-May-2010Note from the future: This project actually took way longer than I thought it would. And even though I was able to get the basic details for most of the distilleries in Scotland, I ended up expanding the scope and somewhere along the way I started adding details for other distilleries around the world. My view of these entries is that they provide three things: 1) A way for me to establish a category for each distillery listed on my blog so that future posts that mention that distillery can be quickly categorized, 2) The basic location and other details for a distillery (to facilitate visits, of course!), and 3) A way for me to cross-reference things like the corporate ownership of the distillery (as another category!). I’m still adding distilleries and always hope that if anyone knows of one that I don’t mention, that they’ll tell me.

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