03 Dec

Littlemill particulars:

Pronunciation: Little.Mill
Location: Bowling, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Post code: G60 5BG (not linked since it no longer exists)
Region: Lowland
Since: 1772 (ceased operations in 1994; destroyed by fire in 2004)

Note: According to Royal Mile Whiskies, this distillery briefly produced other “brands” including Dumbuck and Dunglass (but after 1972, they only produced Littlemill). This defunct distillery had an interesting history.


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2 responses to “Littlemill

  1. Joshua McGee

    25-December-2008 at 02:32

    My absolute fave! Not necessarily in flavor profile (it would be hard to skip past Springbank … Ardbeg … Highland Park … Bowmore) but for a thousand other reasons. I have a specialized Littlemill collection, and actually own, which I hope to develop (maybe this lonely holiday season is the time I’ve been waiting for.)

    – Joshua McGee

  2. Joshua McGee

    21-May-2009 at 22:32

    I will now take my soapbox position and spam my own Littlemill auctions, running at, and available for your perusal and purchase.


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