04 Dec

Caperdonich particulars:

Location: Rothes, Morayshire, Scotland
Post code: AB38 7BS
Region: Speyside
Since: 1897 (mothballed 2002; demolished 2010)

Note: Caperdonich has a long and interesting history. Originally built as a clone of Glen Grant (and, for a time, it was known as “Glen Grant #2”), it was disused for a while then by the time it reopened the rules had changed so that two whisky distilleries couldn’t have the same name, so it was renamed as Caperdonich. You can read all about it on Wikipedia.

Ultimately, the original plans didn’t result in two distilleries that made the same spirit. Despite the best efforts to replicate all the equipment and inputs, nature didn’t cooperate. Thanks to Mark Gillespie of WhiskyCast for tipping me off to this story in episode 264. And, sadly, as was reported in episode 288, it has now been demolished as of November, 2010.

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