Tuthilltown Distillery

07 Mar

Tuthilltown Spirits particulars:

Location: 14 Grist Mill Lane, Gardiner, NY
Post code: 12525-5528
Region: United States
Since: 2001


Posted by on 7-March-2009 in New York (state), Rye, United States



2 responses to “Tuthilltown Distillery

  1. tmaufer

    28-July-2009 at 06:21

    Name: Hudson Whiskeys (Brand): Baby Bourbon

    Other products in the Hudson Whiskeys product line:

    Manhattan Rye
    Single Malt
    Four Grain Bourbon
    New York Whiskey (limited)
    Government Warning Rye (limited)

    Age: NAS (ages vary between 5 months and 2 yrs depending on the size of the casks)
    ABV: 57% — Cask strength
    ABV: 46% — Bottle strength

    Bottled by: Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery
    Distilled in: 2006-2008
    Bottled in: 2009
    Status: In production since 2006

    Awards: Manhattan Rye: Best in Category, LA International Wine & Spirits

    Notes: First whiskeys produced in NY State since before Prohibition. Distilled in small batches, one at a time and aged in 3-14 gallon casks. Family-run and produced with grain sourced from within 9 miles of the distillery.


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