21 May

Charbay particulars:

Location: 4001 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena, CA‎
Post code: 94574-9773
Region: United States
Since: 1972

Note: Yes, there is a distillery in the Napa Valley.


Posted by on 21-May-2009 in California, United States



3 responses to “Charbay

  1. tmaufer

    21-May-2009 at 04:46

    I tasted Charbay’s whiskey (release II) last Sunday. As you can read in the linked web page, it had been distilled from finished pilsner beer, and it had very interesting floral/herbal notes that must be from the hops. It was spicy like some rye whiskeys and overall was very well-balanced. Hops aren’t normally an ingredient in whisk(e)y production. I am not sure I liked it enough to pay over $300 per bottle, but it was different and variety is the spice of life, right? BTW, my liquor store friend told me that one of his other customers bought 40 bottles. Yes, that’s $14,000 worth of whiskey. That guy must have REALLY liked it!

  2. Susan

    21-May-2009 at 14:35

    What a treat to find this website. We will send more people your way.
    We, the four of us at Charbay, are working on the next ‘release’ of the Charbay Whiskey Collection from Batch 1…. can’t tell you yet when but the educational journey will continue. Marko wanted to pull fellow whiskey lovers into the evololution of one batch.
    Charbay Winery & Distillery is in St. Helena, on top of Spring Mountain where we have been since 1972. Once you come by to visit, you’ll understand why we also have a distillery up in Ukiah, where the trucks can come easily and where Marko & Miles go to settle in to distill & bottle the Charbay spirits. The St. Helena still is used to distill the brandies for our ports and that is on a smaller scale.
    We do have a large Pruehlo pot still here and it is a rare chance to see the real ‘pot’ of one of our pot stills. So we love to have fellow whiskey lovers come by talk about all the ways of distilling. We have a cigar patio outside the winery/distillery and you never know who’s going to be sipping a glass of port & enjoying a cigar.
    Thanks for the clip about Charbay Whiskey… come see us when you can.

    • tmaufer

      21-May-2009 at 17:54

      I have it as a personal goal to visit your facilities this Summer (2009). I know you make a LOT of products, and while I am not into Vodka, I am a BIG fan of your other liquors. You guys rock! I’ve corrected my data to show you as being in St. Helena since 1972.


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