Holiday Message from Stauning (Denmark)

16 Dec

This was translated by — I think you get the point even if it’s not a perfect translation! Happy Holidays back at’cha, Stauning! Have a great 2010, and best of luck to you….

On Stauning Whiskey we had an exciting year with many fantastic experiences. It was nice because we in the summer of 2009 finally was so far in the project, that their production could begin. This page has been produced much whiskey at the distillery. Over the years we have had a continuous production, and despite various small start-up challenges, we have managed to produce the quantity of whiskey, we had planned.

We have over the years had many good tours of the distillery. It’s been great to meet many of you and have the opportunity to show the distillery. At the same time we are happy for the very positive feedback we get from a tour. We feel that awareness of Stauning Whiskey – hence the interest in tours – is increasing. We’ve had more than one tour in average per. weeks. It is both tours for a few persons and up to 50 persons. Tours conducted yet on predetermined dates. So if you’re interested in a tour, please send us an email. So we find a day when it can fit.

We look forward to in the new year to show even more around the distillery.

Whiskey Tasting
The last newsletter that was issued, was an invitation to a whiskey tasting with Jim Murray 12th March 2010. A tasting where you will also get to taste some of the products are moving from Stauning Whiskey.

We were very excited about, whether it was possible to entice people to Jutland a Friday evening. It turned out not to be a problem. In fact, all 120 tickets sold out in under 5 days. It has obviously given us the courage to make several similar events where we can share our whiskey interest with others. So when the 12th March has been successfully accomplished, we will explore the possibilities of what the next event can be.

Christmas gifts
Are you here up to Christmas and missing a couple of Christmas presents, we have obviously some good suggestions.

You can still buy the owner and give evidence as a Christmas present. A gift that will ensure the recipient a first edition of either smoked or not smoked version of Stauning Whiskey.

There also a few other options for Christmas. We have made some nice whiskey glass, as soon as you can see and purchase on our webshop. Although the glasses are in Stauning whiskey name and logo, it may be used to drinking other good whiskeys of while you are waiting for the first drops Stauning Whiskey becomes clear.

Our supplier of glass has sadly informed us that the glasses will be delayed, and they can probably only be purchased from Wednesday 16th December. It is unfortunately quite close to Christmas, and we know that it therefore may be problematic to get the glasses supplied with Post Denmark before Christmas.

And then of course it is still possible to buy beautiful black Polo with logo. Polo remarks you can also watch webshop –

Finally, we will back Stauning Whiskey like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope to meet many of you at the distillery in the course of 2010.

Stauning Whiskey

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