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19 Feb

I have been a subscriber to Malt Advocate for a while (3+ years; ok, so it’s not like I’ve been a subscriber for anywhere near the majority of its existence!), and I always recommend it to people as a great magazine to learn more about whisk(e)y, especially if you are just beginning your journey of discovery. I also always recommend combining whisk(e)y with social events so the fact that Malt Advocate runs the excellent WhiskyFest events is another reason to like them.

I was rather delighted to be named a “Pioneer of the Year” for 2009, and as a result I am now going to redouble my efforts to get less sleep and write more about whisk(e)y. BTW, if you think I am a whisk(e)y blogger, then I was part of the class of people that were named in that award; if there is a “hardest working whisk(e)y blogger,” I can tell you that it’s certainly not me, though I always want to do better!

Besides Malt Advocate, there is another magazine that covers this market, a magazine straightforwardly named “Whisky Magazine.” I also subscribe to Whisky Magazine, and its primary failing is that it didn’t give me an award recently.


Ok, seriously, I wouldn’t want to imply that these two magazines are equivalent. Both are very well written and have unique editorial focus. Both are affiliated with whisk(e)y events to educate the public and I can get behind that 100%. In fact, educating the public about whisk(e)y is the very subject of my very next blog post.

To John Hansell: Thank you for the recognition; I commit to continuing my contributions to the whisk(e)y blogging community. To all the other whisk(e)y bloggers: You inspire me!

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