…but I Don’t Like Whisky!

19 Feb

Today, I listened to episode 239 of the WhiskyCast podcast (right-click this link to download the episode, or subscribe to the RSS feed, even via iTunes). If you don’t listen every week, you are missing out on the big picture of the whisk(e)y business. After all, this is a business and I find it very instructive to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Plus I get to hear about the very latest whisk(e)y expressions that are coming to market. I can’t recommend WhiskyCast highly enough!

To the subject of this post: Who would have said such a thing? Well, I think the answer is: Most people. Would you be surprised to learn that it was one of the gents behind the English Whisky Company, producing the first single-malt whisky in England in perhaps 100 years.

I was surprised…but then I realized that I was one of those people 5 years ago. I used to think of whisk(e)y as something that was mixed with Coke. If I can convince just one person to enjoy it neat, I will consider myself successful! 🙂

Whisky is reputed to be the most complex alcoholic spirit on Earth. The combination of olfactory and gustatory sensations is amazing. It’s even lovely to look at! There is no doubt that it is (or can be) intimidating to newbies. So, I am working on a list of “starter whiskies” and want to encourage people to explore it with a guide to the kinds of flavors and smells that they should train themselves to appreciate.

As you learn to appreciate this product, you will find that you don’t like everything. And I bet you won’t like what I like. But I can virtually guarantee that you’ll find some whisk(e)y that you do like, given that there are over 1000 expressions just of Scotch, not to mention an ever-growing list of countries in which whisk(e)y is being produced, I can safely expect that you’ll find a long list of products that you can enthusiastically call your favorites.

Go forth and explore, then come back and write about your experiences here!

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