zomg 6000!

09 Apr

Just noticed I’d had my 6000th visitor to this tiny slice of the blogosphere, this day. I want to say: Thankyouverymuch!!

I’m beyond delighted to have had this many readers. I am still not 100% sure what this blog will become, but I know one thing: It’s about whisk(e)y. 🙂

As you can see in my Category Cloud, I list many distilleries, but I know I’ve missed a bunch. If you know of one, please tell me!

And feel free to add expressions to each one. I don’t care if you review it or not. I just think it would be a great community/open-source project to enumerate all the various expressions that are out there, or that have been out there.

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Posted by on 9-April-2010 in Whisky2.0


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