Ådalen Destilleri AB

11 Apr

Ådalen Destilleri AB (a.k.a. Box Whisky Company) particulars:

Location: Box Kraftverk 140, Bjärtrå, Kramfors
Post code: 872 96
Region: Sweden
Since: 2011 (?)

A couple of stories about the most northerly distillery on Earth (really!):

The Whisky Exchange (blog)
The Whisky Grotto (news blog focused on the whisk(e)y industry)


Posted by on 11-April-2010 in Sweden


5 responses to “Ådalen Destilleri AB

  1. Jens Wedin

    22-April-2010 at 10:06


    Here is also some info and photos from last summer when I visited Box Distillery.


    • tmaufer

      22-April-2010 at 10:13

      Thanks for sharing…I really appreciate it!

  2. Jens Wedin

    22-April-2010 at 10:17

    Sharing is caring 🙂

  3. Jens Wedin

    16-May-2010 at 14:34


    You can now find some more info on the distillery on this address.


    • whisky2dot0

      16-May-2010 at 22:30

      Thanks. I was in Chicago last week so I didn’t get to reply to you until now. I hope to get some updates here before I fly again on Wednesday.


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