101 Uses

04 May

I was talking to my mother last weekend about my new(-ish) nephew. She told me that she relayed the news about the recall of Children’s Tylenol to my sister, and this is a product she’s been using a lot lately since my nephew is beginning the teething process. I wondered aloud why she wasn’t using whisk(e)y as a teething aid. Not a dram, silly, just a drop on the mother’s finger, rubbed on the gums of the tyke, as a local anesthetic.

My mother said she used to do that, and it made me happy to think that my first whisk(e)y experience happened before I could speak. 🙂 It was almost certainly Bourbon whiskey for two reasons: This was in the mid-60s, in America (from what I know, single-malts weren’t widely appreciated then — outside of Scotland, that is!), and 2) my Dad never cared for Scotch.

What other unusual uses for whisk(e)y are there?

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Posted by on 4-May-2010 in Whisky2.0


One response to “101 Uses

  1. marlyn maufer

    20-May-2010 at 12:39

    Saw your comment about Children’s Tylenol. Rember the old wild, wild west. What did they pour on the wound after removing the bullet or Indian arrow? WHISKEY

    I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments, and certainly the whiskey blog is included in that. I also saw Deb’s blogs and am impressed, to say the least. Will call her after I’ve had a chance to look at them thoroughly. Dad had an appointment this morning with the opthalmologist and did fine.

    Have a good trip and get home safely.

    Love, Mom


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