When Adjectives Aren’t Enough (or Are Too Much?)

16 May

I had an amazing cup of coffee today. What does this have to do with whisk(e)y? Well, at my wife’s suggestion I checked out their web site and they do a fabulous job of describing their coffee — not in terms of flavor adjectives, but in terms of activities, lifestyles, etc. They basically paint a picture of what activity matches this coffee.

I like this idea a lot, and I am going to try to develop this technique in my whisk(e)y reviews. I might be more successful conveying my impressions using this style. What do you think of the idea of matching whisk(e)y to apparently unrelated things?


Posted by on 16-May-2010 in Whisky2.0


3 responses to “When Adjectives Aren’t Enough (or Are Too Much?)

  1. Jens Wedin

    16-May-2010 at 22:17

    Great idea. Sometimes the more poetic review style of whiskies can get just too much. It could also be nice to write similar to wine or beer reviews when they match it with what you eat…

    • whisky2dot0

      16-May-2010 at 22:31

      I think this kind of review can be made much more entertaining, and perhaps even do as good (or better) job at conveying the “mood” of the product.


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