WhiskyMag: Four-Page Ad for Whisky 2.0

04 Jun

Well, not exactly. But I was delighted that they picked up on my catchy name for the mixture of web+whisk(e)y. I started this Whisky2.0 blog (or is it a meme?) on 25-Nov-2008. That’s over 18 months ago. I believe I was the first person to coin the phrase.

Despite what you are about to read (offered mostly in jest), I do like Whisky Magazine. I just have to point out that they lag pretty far behind in their awareness of web technology:

  1. They didn’t check to see if the term “Whisky 2.0” was already in use anywhere: Let me Google that for you (click there…it’s fun!). I felt like Whisky Magazine was trying to tell me something, so I registered today. 🙂
  2. They don’t make their magazine contents available online (except to subscribers). This is very old-media behavior.
  3. The article in this month’s issue that mentions Whisky 2.0 is entitled “The Worldwide Whisky Web” and it’s not even mentioned in the online table of contents for this month’s issue.
  4. Why is this a big deal? I can’t even link to the article from here. In other words: I can’t send them traffic! I am not kidding myself…I figure that I could send them at most maybe a couple dozen hits, but I guess it’ll have to be the thought that counts.
  5. They don’t really have a “social media” presence, like Malt Advocate does (and props to them for being way ahead of the curve!).
  6. Whisky Magazine’s lack of social interaction is devastatingly widespread: You can’t even write a letter to the editor. Seriously. I looked!
  7. However, they do have an excellent walled-garden “forum” (or “network“) where readers can chat. It’s not limited to subscribers, so kudos for that! In fact, I was a member there before I ever subscribed. I wish I had more time to spend on their message boards.
  8. In fairness, they do use some web technology from the 21st century: They have an RSS feed. Twitter? Facebook? Crickets….

I kid because I love. 😉

  • I have never suggested for a moment that I am an expert in whisk(e)y.
  • I am here to learn — and more importantly, to meet people who also like whisk(e)y.
  • It’s true: You can learn much more about whisk(e)y if you don’t drink alone. 🙂

If it’s obvious that there is a natural social aspect to whisk(e)y tasting (I don’t think there is any room for debate on this point), should anyone be surprised that fan sites have sprouted up all over the web for like-minded whisk(e)y lovers to congregate…you know — socially?

Props to the early web+whisk(e)y adopters for sure. They saw the potential for using the web to democratize information on whisk(e)y long before anyone else did. I applaud Serge Valentin and the rest of the Malt Maniacs crew, Ralfy Mitchell, Mark Gillespie and all the great whisk(e)y media gurus. You all have made huge strides and we all appreciate it. Well, I suppose I can’t speak for anyone but me, and: *I* appreciate it!!

I am amazed that Whisky Magazine spent four of their valuable pages telling us what most people would just find by searching on Facebook or Google. But thanks for the free publicity. Seriously. Thanks. 😉

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