Party Like a Lorikeet! (via Pieces & Pix)

09 Jun

Apparently, our exhortations about enjoying alcohol responsibly must be translated into Lorikeet-ese. I know for a fact that Hummingbirds also enjoy fermented nectar (I’ve seen a male guarding his stash until it was ripe, and you’ve never seen anything as funny as a drunk Hummingbird flying…they are true lightweights!).

Party Like a Lorikeet! Recent news reports from Palmerston, in Australia's Northern Territory, indicate that hundreds of lorikeets are behaving in a drunken fashion — appearing uncoordinated, falling out of trees, passing out, and exhibiting a change in attitude from generally "obnoxious" to suddenly "really friendly and jovial". (Times Online) Photographer Tony Dummett recalls a story from Queensland (different area, same phenomenon): "And there two of them were: act … Read More

via Pieces & Pix

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