Ok, I’ll Ask It…

22 Sep

Everyone is always asking “what’s the best whisk(e)y?” in the forums, and in person. But the fact is, there are a lot of great whiskies (or whiskeys) and it’s hard to choose the best. I don’t even try.

But sometimes I get weird ideas. I thought that the other way might be easier: What whisk(e)y should we avoid? If not the worst, which one would you say that you wouldn’t recommend to your worst enemy. Or your best friend. Do tell…

I’ll start: I prefer expressions with a lot of flavor, so I don’t care for very light Scotch whisky. I could name some of the most popular highest-volume brands but I won’t, because they aren’t bad, I just don’t care for them. Do I have an expression that I’d say “AVOID AT ALL COSTS!”? Not yet. But you might… 😉

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Posted by on 22-September-2010 in Whisky2.0


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