Blogging from 34,019 feet

24 Sep

Thanks to Virgin America and Gogo® Inflight, I have Wi-Fi service. Totally worth it on a long flight. I’m almost home from a week on the East Coast.


Posted by on 24-September-2010 in Whisky2.0


3 responses to “Blogging from 34,019 feet

  1. Jake Brodsky

    31-October-2010 at 19:28

    …But did you have something good to drink to while away the time?

    I just got back from a business trip from Kona HI. The coach seats on United aren’t just packed in tight. One should expect that. No, the coach seats are downright uncomfortable to the point that my lower back and ass were numb after I got off the plane.

    In other news, I discovered a bit of interesting stuff regarding the effects of sound on taste. Apparently the white noise of an airliner flying at altitude causes us to not taste salt or other spices as much in food, explaining the frequent complaint that airline food is bland.

    I wonder if the effect of drinking Whiskey on an airliner brings taste problems like this to the fore?

    • whisky2dot0

      31-October-2010 at 19:35

      You are the second person I have heard recently say that things taste bad on planes due to the loud white noise. Must be why I don’t like to drink on planes…everything tastes flat. Sorry to hear about your long uncomfortable flight back from Hawai’i.

    • whisky2dot0

      31-October-2010 at 19:39

      And, no, I didn’t have anything decent to drink on that trip. 😦


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