Orange October

31 Oct
The San Francisco Giants' October 2010 schedule.

The San Francisco Giants' October 2010 schedule.

October has been a whisk(e)y drought for me. But life is busy and it’s all good. The first week of the month was my 20th wedding anniversary. Took a vacation involving a couple road trips here in California and snuck into Nevada for a bit. In Reno, I found an amazing restaurant (more on that, soon). I was in Chicago for a week, and caught a nasty flu bug, and was pretty much out of it.

While on my trip, I started following my local baseball team in earnest, since they had made the playoffs. I haven’t been blogging much because besides being sick, I have seen every game of the National League playoffs (which they won) and the World Series (which they have not yet won).

You know enough about me to know that I love whisk(e)y, but my first love was Baseball. I am and have always been a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. When I moved, I became a fan of the San Francisco Giants. Weirdly, the team uniform colors of both teams are Orange and Black. Probably just a coincidence. 🙂

I am probably a weird sports fan in that I never root against anyone. I know the pain of losing (1979 World Series, 1982 American League East regular season final game), and the joy of winning (1983 World Series), so I don’t wish the pain of losing on anyone.

With that said, every game has to have one winner and one loser. Without wishing to express malice to anyone, I hope the Giants win the 2010 World Series. Then I can get back to blogging about whisk(e)y. Play ball!

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