How Do You Pronounce…?

28 Nov

One of the many challenges in learning to like Scotch whisky is learning to pronounce the names. Scotch Gaelic pronunciation is not obvious to Americans (to this one, anyway!). So in all my pages where I describe distilleries, I try to include a pronunciation guide in the event that it isn’t obvious how to pronounce the name.

I don’t provide a pronunciation guide for Dalmore or Macallan or Highland Park or many others that aren’t particularly Gaelic names. That would be insulting. 🙂 But Bruichladdich? Glen Garioch? (It’s so not what you’d think!) Kilchoman? Bunnahabhain? Those (and many others) get what I think are helpful hints to pronouncing the names of Scotch whiskies.

I would appreciate it if you’d suggest better guidance regarding the sounds associated with the names of these distilleries if you don’t think I did a good enough job.


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3 responses to “How Do You Pronounce…?

  1. oliversteffens

    28-November-2010 at 02:34

    I’m pretty sure you did a good job, but do you know this collection of pronunciation sound clips ?

    For me it’s easier to hear how a name is pronounced.

    • whisky2dot0

      28-November-2010 at 11:36

      Yes, I was aware of that site. I like it for the most part, except that you have to click through (twice) to hear the sound clips. I have one other issue which is that they provide pronunciation for the “easy” ones as well as the “difficult” ones. This makes it seem like they are *all* difficult to pronounce!

      I had this discussion on Twitter last night and think I can provide direct links to the audio files right from my blog. This will let me provide a filter to only bother to provide a pronunciation key (which is linked to audio) for the ones that I think people are likely to mis-pronounce.


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