Whisky2.0 Gift Guide – Intro

29 Nov

Lots of people want to buy whisk(e)y for friends or relatives at this time of year. Most of them probably would like to get a present that would be appreciated. But whisk(e)y lovers can be finicky. 🙂

So I am going to target this buyer’s guide at several audiences:

  1. People who want to try whisk(e)y. The market for brown spirits (as a category) is getting hot. You don’t have to spend a lot to get something good. *
  2. People who want to buy whisk(e)y for a friend, but who are on a budget. There are excellent choices at a variety of price points.
  3. People who know a whisk(e)y lover but don’t want to buy them whisk(e)y. So there are accessories!

I am in the great white north(west) at the moment, so I’m going to start tomorrow with accessories. Then I’ll work on whisk(e)y, beginning with lower-priced (but still high-quality!) options. You may be surprised to know that there are decent whisk(e)y choices that can be had for under $30. Then I’ll work my way up in price.

* Note: I do not want to imply for a minute that more expensive equates to better! Good whisk(e)y is whatever you like. I do strongly recommend trying new things to expand your horizons, as often as you can afford to.

Regarding the high end: I am not in a position to taste or nose very expensive stuff. Because people don’t proffer such whiskies to me (and I am not soliciting that they do so!) I can’t really speak to the quality of the over-$150 class of whisk(e)y. I’ll just have to read reviews of those in Whisky Magazine and Malt Advocate. 🙂

My sense is that most people won’t ever spend that much money on whisk(e)y, and I think it’s more important to get as broad an audience as possible exposed to whisk(e)y, which is why I decided to put this Whisky2.0 Holiday Gift Guide together. I hope you like it!

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