“I’m Baaaad, I’m Nationwide” :-)

01 Dec

Well, that was fun. Nothing like a trip to the great white North to recalibrate what you normally think of as “cold.” (Hint: When it “feels like” 9 degrees F., it’s cold. 🙂 I was lucky to visit Dry Fly Distilling in Spokane, Washington (state) before going to the airport to wait (and wait…) for my flight.

I have a minor scoop to share: Dry Fly is going to be bottling a new whiskey (a Bourbon) in January, 2011. It will be the first Bourbon produced in Washington State since Prohibition.

Check it out, and tell them that you saw this story on Whisky2.0. BTW, their wheat whiskey is worth checking out. I really liked it. Allegedly, the wheat whiskey is available at my local liquor store (K&L Wines). I’ll report back if I find it.

  • Christmas ideas for whisk(e)y lovers…still coming soon.
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