Whisky2.0 Holiday Gift Guide (2010) – Accessories

02 Dec

Why start with accessories?

Whisk(e)y is a very personal product. You may have trouble discovering what kind of whisk(e)y a person likes. Is it possible to get a whisk(e)y lover something that they can use to amplify their enjoyment of any whisk(e)y? Yes!

In an effort to help you out, I have accumulated suggestions in four categories that represent some excellent accessories that any whisk(e)y lover could enjoy. In each category, I’ll pick a “winner” (these recommendations have not been influenced in any way, nor am I being compensated if you purchase these items). The best part is that you don’t have to wonder whether they’ll like how it tastes!

Important note: Whisky2.0 says: SHOP AROUND!

I have seen huge pricing variations during my research. Always shop around: If you see an item for $10 at one site, and the identical item for $20 somewhere else, I’ll leave the decision to you. (I have seen larger pricing variances — buyer beware. Seriously!)


There are many excellent whisk(e)y books on the market. Some examples are so popular that I won’t recommend them since one of my goals here is to provide gift ideas that are pretty safe to buy for the person who has everything. They probably won’t have these since they are new!

I have also chosen books that whisk(e)y lovers will probably love, but may not be aware of. Remember to ask for gift slips in case they need to return something….

  • 101 Whiskies… by Ian Buxton < W2HGG2010
    the whisk(e)y lover’s bucket list


A nice flask makes whisk(e)y portable. Can your giftee handle this freedom? You be the judge…. 🙂 Flasks come in a ridiculous range of sizes and styles. Do you need a 64-ounce flask? I can’t recommend it, since if you filled it, it would weigh over 4 pounds. You could fit more than two 750 ml bottles of whisk(e)y in this flask. This is definitely Texas-sized! If you want to go crazy and not finish your shopping before Christmas, or any other December-ish holiday, check out the flasks on offer at Etsy. I do not mean to imply that your order won’t be filled quickly. It’s just that there are so many choices, you may not be able to choose by Christmas!

  • Star Trek Flask < W2HGG2010
    the only flask with the StarFleet logo… ’nuff said


I really like Glencairn glasses. They are solid, can be washed in the dishwasher and seem very durable. Don’t overpay! My wife prefers a nice double-old-fashioned glass. Whatever you pick, make sure it feels good to you and enhances your enjoyment of the whisk(e)y. After all, you spent more on the whisk(e)y than you did on the glass. 🙂 Most of the glassware is not that expensive, but crystal can be quite pricey.

Other Accessories

I think the sleeper hit product here is the measured pourer. I always use them so I stretch my bottles. A 750 ml bottle has about 29 servings if you use a 7/8 oz. pourer. Or if you want to be more generous with your serving size, a 750 ml bottle has just over 25 1-oz. servings. I imagine that metric versions of these exist, but I haven’t looked for them. 7/8 oz. corresponds to 25 ml (approximately). I mention the whisk(e)y stones because lots of people seem to like them. I prefer my whisk(e)y at room temperature, but that’s just me.

  • Measured pourers (7/8 oz.) < W2HGG2010
    there are cheaper options, and much more expensive ones, too
    available in a huge range of sizes from at least 0.5 oz. to 2 oz.

Now, while you wait for the next installment, please reflect on what you have received in the past, or what you want this year, and consider adding a comment. Tell the world what you recommend!

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