Maybe a Gift List for the $500+ Category?

08 Dec

I got more hits from the announcement that I was doing a gift guide and from the accessories list than from the actual whisk(e)y list.

Maybe my readers actually want to hear recommendations about the high-end? I wish I could recommend such whisk(e)y, but I have very little experience as I am not in possession of excessive amounts of disposable income. The most expensive whisky I have ever tasted is the Highland Park 40. And the Highland Park 30, which is much more affordable, but still way more expensive than I can afford! In fact, they were both free to me, at a tasting.

Even though the whisk(e)y I recommended yesterday was what some people might label “pedestrian,” at least I can honestly say that the whisk(e)y I recommended last night is worth trying, and your gift recipient will probably like it. They are all excellent “starter whisk(e)y” choices, in my opinion. I welcome additional suggestions in the under-$50 category…just add a comment!

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Posted by on 8-December-2010 in Whisky2.0


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