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03 Jan

Just over there on the right, near the top, there is a Search box. Type in the name of your favorite distillery. If it’s not listed on this site, please leave a comment here and I’ll rectify that.

What does a Whisky2.0 listing contain?

  • Name of the distillery
    • Linked to its official website (if there is one)
      • Alternatively, to the description on a credible site like WhiskyFun
  • Postal address of the actual distillery site (not the business office)
    • Linked (in Google StreetView) to the address so you can see what it looks like (if StreetView has coverage there…)
      • I want to provide help so if you visit, you’ll know when you find the place 🙂
  • Pronunciation guide for names that have non-obvious (to me) pronunciation
  • Notes, awards, press stories, relationships to other distilleries

I primarily have listings for Scotch whisky distilleries, but I have also listed some distilleries in Japan, India and America, as well as Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. I will happily add any other distillery details. Completeness is not a goal, per se, since there are new distilleries every day. I’m sure I am missing some, so please tell me which ones I missed so far!

I am not trying to replace WhiskyFun or other such sites. I am a map nut, so in a way I was building these listings for myself, to get more familiar with the geography of Scotland. For me, the information I provide amounts to “Just the facts, ma’am…”.

Keep in mind: I am listing distilleries, not brands. Sometimes, it’s difficult to separate them. If I make a mistake, please educate me.

What can you do?

Add comments! For each distillery, if you own their products, you can tell us all which ones. I provide a standard format for these entries, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. A simple “I have the X-year-old of Expression-Z” will do.

Happy New Year!

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