Lagganmore – The Most Famous Fake Scotch Whisky?

04 Jan

It just doesn’t sound real: At least, not as a whisky. But, it is a real place. An actual Scotch whisky distillery was used in the Monarch of the Glen series on the BBC, which in the show was called “Lagganmore:” It was the Speyside Distillery.

But lest we forget that real places can sometimes have the same names as fictional places, a simple Google search reveals that Lagganmore is also a hotel and golf club (not just one club, apparently: A whole course!).

As far as I can tell, there was no intention on the part of the BBC to promote the Lagganmore Golf Club by using their name in the show. Personally, I think that the name “Lagganmore” was used because it sounds similar to “Cragganmore,” which actually is a Scotch whisky distillery. That’s just a theory on my part. If you know the origin of the name “Lagganmore” in the context of the Monarch of the Glen TV show, please add a comment below.

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