I’m Not Dead (Yet)

07 Mar

I am still working on updating the over 200 distillery entries on the site with pronunciation details. Also, I had been sick, and am now better (hence the video 🙂 ).

For my birthday, I managed to snag a bottle of Aberlour A’bunadh (cask 32; 60.4% ABV), which I really like. I have to add these details as a comment to my Aberlour entry. I hear that cask 34 is out now. If you’ve had both, I’d be curious to know the difference between casks 32 and 34, or more generally how A’bunadh has evolved over time (I got an unexpected pop of cinnamon in the finish of the cask 32, which I really liked).

Do I get the impression that each A’bunadh bottling is a single-cask expression? If so, with the high ABV this can’t be terribly old whisky. There is no age statement — I’m guessing 6-10 years old, because it’s deep red in color, so it had to be in the Sherry butt long enough to pick that up, but not so long for the Angel’s Share to knock the whisky below 60% ABV. I could do some digging, but I have to go to bed.

Earlier tonight, I wanted to write here, but literally just as I was logging in, the power went out. I hope you are having a better evening!

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