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03 Apr

Starting with my oldest posts (summary data for each distillery), I have been adding links to the audio of pronunciation (and I spell out how that pronunciation sounds, to my ear). With the new theme, I have more room, so I’m also linking to a nice big picture of one of the distillery’s products (per page) — sometimes more. I have about 30 more posts to update…should be done this month.

Since these posts are 2+ years old, you’d never see what I’d done unless I pointed it out. So I’m pointing. 🙂

Start at Auchroisk, and click the link to “Benrinnes” in the upper right. For each post the next post is linked from the same place in the upper right corner. RIght now, I’ve completed through Kininvie. What you’ll find on each page is:

  • Link to the info on the distillery (if they don’t have a corporate website, then to an objective source like Wikipedia or some other notable whisky reference site)
  • The post code is clickable if the distillery still exists
    • Clicking will take you to the Google “Street View” (if it exists) so you can see the actual location where the whisky is produced
    • If the distillery’s main building or visitor center isn’t visible from a public road, I link to a close-up satellite view
  • Other basic information (start of operation, notes)
  • A nice big picture of one of the distillery’s products
  • Categories and tags
    • The categories are clickable on the blog — for instance, you can find all Campbeltown distilleries with one click, or all distilleries owned by Diageo
      • Poke around on the categories on the front page to see what’s hidden behind them
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