More on the Glenfiddich “Cask of Dreams”

25 Apr

It’s a contest, too. I didn’t mention that because it’s mostly not applicable to folks in California.

Here’s why: Under California law, it’s apparently illegal to pay someone more than $5 to encourage them to drink alcohol (distilled spirits, to be specific; there appear to be separate rules for beer, and for wine). Mitch from Glenfiddich told me about this. So the $15,000 grand prize is a bit “offside” (at least for folks in California!). I didn’t want to write about this until I had a chance to investigate further. Bottom line: It sure looks like Mitch is well-informed! 🙂

Mostly, our liquor laws are fairly liberal, but this restriction was news to me. I think this legal constraint is spelled out in “section 25600” of the California Business and Professions Code in paragraph (c). I am certainly not a lawyer, just skilled with the Google machine.

Anyway, I encourage people outside of California to enter the Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams contest. The link above will tell you all about the very interesting prizes. Best of luck! If you heard about it here, and you win, please do tell us what your dream was!


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2 responses to “More on the Glenfiddich “Cask of Dreams”

  1. Scotch Hobbyist

    27-April-2011 at 23:33

    Bummer about CA.

    Ok, I’m in. I thought it was funny that it wouldn’t let me use the word “whisky” in my entry. 🙂


    • whisky2dot0

      28-April-2011 at 09:29

      What? No whisky? Weird. Thanks for stopping by!


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