Bruichladdich at Costco

06 Jun

Mostly, my local Costco (in Redwood City, CA) has a pretty static whisk(e)y selection. Moreover, it’s usually pedestrian selections of the market-leading brands. Seeing Bruichladdich (and Willett Rye, for that matter) was a surprise.

A couple weeks ago, Costco added a new Willett Rye Single-Cask (3yo, 55% ABV) that I sadly haven’t had a chance to taste yet (I couldn’t pass it up at less than $33/bottle!). I do plan to taste it soon…. I found it funny that Costco’s price sign calls this “Rye Bourbon!” There’s no such thing — but I guess most people wouldn’t know what Straight Rye Whiskey was, either.

Then, this week, a raft of new Bruichladdich appeared: Organic 2003 ($69.99), their standard 12yo ($52.99), and Rocks (less than $40). The Organic is priced pretty nicely, since most places online that I have access to sell it for closer to $80.

Costco is occasionally an excellent alternative to a top-tier liquor store. Heck they’ve had Highland Park 12 for $36 for quite a long time, so much so that I think it’s now a regularly stocked item (at least at this store). So they do have really good stuff, and the prices are either amazing or competitive.

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