272 Days until World Whisky Day

30 Jun

I just added World Whisky Day to my blogroll (here is a link to the event details on their Facebook event page…). Scroll down and go check them out (the right column has the blogroll if you scroll far enough).

What is World Whisky Day? Tuesday, 27-Mar-2012 is an entire day devoted to Scotch whisky. Mark your calendars!

I am 100% positive that whatever kind of Scotch you prefer is ok. You like blends? That’s fine…you’re not alone: Most people do; blends represent more than 80% of the market for Scotch whisky (It’s a Whisky2.0Fact!). Single-malts? Ohhh…fancy! 🙂 Single-grains? How exotic! Blended malts or blended grains? Go for it (if you can find them; hint: Johnnie Walker Green is a blended malt…).

I’ve partnered with the guys who are promoting this, so I’ll be occasionally reminding y’all that you need to lay down some stocks of your own to prepare for the glorious day. This is a grassroots effort to promote Scotch whisky education, appreciation and above all, responsible consumption. There is no distiller behind this. We’re doing it because we love Scotch whisky and want to spread the joy.

Whatever you choose to enjoy, remember to add a comment here (when the time comes). Actually, make a comment on the World Whisky Day event page on Facebook *and* leave a comment here. 🙂


One response to “272 Days until World Whisky Day

  1. Gideon Meeuwissen

    17-August-2011 at 01:51

    I will write this day on my calander. And i believe that you are right. normal i would only drink single malts. However i have discoverd that one of my one of my favorite whiskies is a blend. (compass box flaming heart)


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