News from the Isle of Lewis

17 Aug

Abhainn Dearg on the Isle of Lewis started distilling new make spirit just over 3 years ago (12-Aug-2008), and now it’s old enough to be called whisky. To celebrate this milestone, they are offering a commemorative bottling of their single-malt whisky in a special package.

I want one. 🙂

It’s only £150 (plus postage, packing and insurance, all of which varies depending on where you live). The package contains a numbered 500 ml bottle — one of 2011 total bottles in this limited release (bottled by hand, and each bottle is signed by the distillery owner, Mark Tayburn. You can purchase it online at their website.

If you are reading this, you are likely interested in what’s inside the bottle:

  • 46% ABV
  • Non Chill Filtered
  • Natural Cask Color
  • Single Cask Bottling

Remember, this is the first legal whisky distillery on the Isle of Lewis in nearly two centuries (see my earlier story for all the details, including a map of the location with a link to the Google Street View…as usual, just click the Post Code and you’ll be transported to a nearby location with a view of the distillery).

Abhainn Dearg is a small operation today, and it’s in a very remote part of the world. It reminds me of Kilchoman on Islay (except Islay isn’t nearly as remote as is Lewis), in that both are small, farmhouse distilleries. It’s very exciting to see a new distillery making it from first spirit to production. Help them grow…buy their whisky!

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