In Honor of Back-to-School: “What I Did This Summer”

18 Aug

Is it that time of year already??

I visited a distillery (my second!) and I learned a lot. No, not in Scotland. (I wish!) Blog posts coming on what I learned.

I have been on vacation (see first point) and also traveling a lot. I managed to get back to Calgary but I could not get to the part of the airport with the great whisky shop (“Cloud 9“). They are making a major investment in expanding their airport, and that part may not be open again until 2015. 😦 Maybe next time….

I got kind of immersed in Google Plus. Now I’m finally starting to get a handle on it. You can find me at As part of my experimentation, I tried to create an account for whisky2dot0, knowing full well that it was against their rules. They eventually found me out (but it took way longer than I thought it would…), so now I have to wait for “brand pages” like everyone else. Don’t worry…my gmail address still works:

But enough about me: What have *you* been up to? Did you drink any interesting whisk(e)y? I have to say that it never really got warm enough (here in Northern California) this year for me to stop drinking my liquid peat, whenever I was so inclined. Yes, I know that folks elsewhere have been suffering through record heat. Sorry about that! If you were sweating through the Summer, what did you drink, if not whisk(e)y?

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