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Movin’ On

The Whisky2.0 Blog lives on: You should still see the URL working just fine, and this blog will live on here at But now my blog is hosted at Blogger. I’m trying it on, so please be patient.

Why keep the WordPress site? I put a lot of work into collecting the physical locations of Scotch whisky distilleries and I want those to remain available, if for no other reason than so I can refer to them in the future. 🙂

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In Honor of Back-to-School: “What I Did This Summer”

Is it that time of year already??

I visited a distillery (my second!) and I learned a lot. No, not in Scotland. (I wish!) Blog posts coming on what I learned.

I have been on vacation (see first point) and also traveling a lot. I managed to get back to Calgary but I could not get to the part of the airport with the great whisky shop (“Cloud 9“). They are making a major investment in expanding their airport, and that part may not be open again until 2015. 😦 Maybe next time….

I got kind of immersed in Google Plus. Now I’m finally starting to get a handle on it. You can find me at As part of my experimentation, I tried to create an account for whisky2dot0, knowing full well that it was against their rules. They eventually found me out (but it took way longer than I thought it would…), so now I have to wait for “brand pages” like everyone else. Don’t worry…my gmail address still works:

But enough about me: What have *you* been up to? Did you drink any interesting whisk(e)y? I have to say that it never really got warm enough (here in Northern California) this year for me to stop drinking my liquid peat, whenever I was so inclined. Yes, I know that folks elsewhere have been suffering through record heat. Sorry about that! If you were sweating through the Summer, what did you drink, if not whisk(e)y?

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272 Days until World Whisky Day

I just added World Whisky Day to my blogroll (here is a link to the event details on their Facebook event page…). Scroll down and go check them out (the right column has the blogroll if you scroll far enough).

What is World Whisky Day? Tuesday, 27-Mar-2012 is an entire day devoted to Scotch whisky. Mark your calendars!

I am 100% positive that whatever kind of Scotch you prefer is ok. You like blends? That’s fine…you’re not alone: Most people do; blends represent more than 80% of the market for Scotch whisky (It’s a Whisky2.0Fact!). Single-malts? Ohhh…fancy! 🙂 Single-grains? How exotic! Blended malts or blended grains? Go for it (if you can find them; hint: Johnnie Walker Green is a blended malt…).

I’ve partnered with the guys who are promoting this, so I’ll be occasionally reminding y’all that you need to lay down some stocks of your own to prepare for the glorious day. This is a grassroots effort to promote Scotch whisky education, appreciation and above all, responsible consumption. There is no distiller behind this. We’re doing it because we love Scotch whisky and want to spread the joy.

Whatever you choose to enjoy, remember to add a comment here (when the time comes). Actually, make a comment on the World Whisky Day event page on Facebook *and* leave a comment here. 🙂


Pictures — Nice.

I’ve been starting to post a lot more pictures over on the Whisky2.0 Facebook page. That way, I can complement what I write with some pics, and frankly, Facebook is a better place to share pictures. I hope you have a chance to visit the Whisky2.0 page over there and check out the pics.

I think that the nicest thing about Facebook is that people seem much more inclined to interact over there than they are on blogs. I don’t know why that is, but I think pictures work really well over there and I hope you like them. Feel free to click “like” or add a comment, etc.

Since I have been invited to attend a lot more events, I’m trying to force myself to be annoying (yes, perhaps that’s not much of a stretch…) and take lots of pictures, because I feel lucky to be at these events and I enjoy sharing the experiences with y’all.

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Yes, the Site Looks Different!

I have been using that old theme for too long. Time for Spring Cleaning. I am going to tweak the appearance a bit, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Love it? Hate it? More likely: Don’t care. 🙂


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Holiday Message from Stauning (Denmark)

This was translated by — I think you get the point even if it’s not a perfect translation! Happy Holidays back at’cha, Stauning! Have a great 2010, and best of luck to you….

On Stauning Whiskey we had an exciting year with many fantastic experiences. It was nice because we in the summer of 2009 finally was so far in the project, that their production could begin. This page has been produced much whiskey at the distillery. Over the years we have had a continuous production, and despite various small start-up challenges, we have managed to produce the quantity of whiskey, we had planned.

We have over the years had many good tours of the distillery. It’s been great to meet many of you and have the opportunity to show the distillery. At the same time we are happy for the very positive feedback we get from a tour. We feel that awareness of Stauning Whiskey – hence the interest in tours – is increasing. We’ve had more than one tour in average per. weeks. It is both tours for a few persons and up to 50 persons. Tours conducted yet on predetermined dates. So if you’re interested in a tour, please send us an email. So we find a day when it can fit.

We look forward to in the new year to show even more around the distillery.

Whiskey Tasting
The last newsletter that was issued, was an invitation to a whiskey tasting with Jim Murray 12th March 2010. A tasting where you will also get to taste some of the products are moving from Stauning Whiskey.

We were very excited about, whether it was possible to entice people to Jutland a Friday evening. It turned out not to be a problem. In fact, all 120 tickets sold out in under 5 days. It has obviously given us the courage to make several similar events where we can share our whiskey interest with others. So when the 12th March has been successfully accomplished, we will explore the possibilities of what the next event can be.

Christmas gifts
Are you here up to Christmas and missing a couple of Christmas presents, we have obviously some good suggestions.

You can still buy the owner and give evidence as a Christmas present. A gift that will ensure the recipient a first edition of either smoked or not smoked version of Stauning Whiskey.

There also a few other options for Christmas. We have made some nice whiskey glass, as soon as you can see and purchase on our webshop. Although the glasses are in Stauning whiskey name and logo, it may be used to drinking other good whiskeys of while you are waiting for the first drops Stauning Whiskey becomes clear.

Our supplier of glass has sadly informed us that the glasses will be delayed, and they can probably only be purchased from Wednesday 16th December. It is unfortunately quite close to Christmas, and we know that it therefore may be problematic to get the glasses supplied with Post Denmark before Christmas.

And then of course it is still possible to buy beautiful black Polo with logo. Polo remarks you can also watch webshop –

Finally, we will back Stauning Whiskey like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope to meet many of you at the distillery in the course of 2010.

Stauning Whiskey

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I’ve Had a Cold This Week

I plan to do some blogging once I get to Dover, NH tomorrow. Or I might take a nap. I’ll be there all week, back home next Friday evening. If being in sub-freezing temperatures doesn’t bring my cold back, I’ll be able to nose/taste whisky again next weekend!

My next mission on this blog is to add the Kentucky and Tennessee American whiskey producers. Then I’ll be adding micro-distillers (like Charbay, Anchor, etc.); I’m not going to limit myself to America, but I have a small list from this country already. I have some more to write to close out the “Basics of Distillation” series on Tom’s “Officially Unofficial” Bruichladdich Blog, too. If you haven’t been there recently, check out the new header image at the top of the page.

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