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Welcome Nerd Moment Listeners

It was my pleasure to talk with Drew and Paul in episode 39 of the Nerd Moment podcast tonight regarding my hobby: Whisk(e)y.

I really appreciate that Drew and Paul had the interest and were willing to ask some good questions. The best way to learn about whisk(e)y is to drink it, preferably with other people, and talk about what you taste and smell. You can get really fancy as you learn more, but it boils down to the social aspect. There are a million details you can learn if you are a fan of trivia, but if you just really like to discover more about a really interesting product, which ranges from very affordable to very expensive (I mentioned this ultra-expensive Scotch whisky on the show; yes, this expression of Glenfiddich really is 50 years old, and it really cost $16,000!). For me, I enjoy finding stuff that I enjoy drinking and sharing that knowledge, and happiness, with others.

The product being tasted: Tuthilltown’s Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey. I can’t overstate how lucky we were that they donated two full-size bottles of their exceptional Rye Whiskey for this show.


  • During the show, I indicated that to be called Rye Whiskey the mash bill must contain at least 51% Rye grain. True statement. In this case, the Tuthilltown Rye that we tasted was 100% Rye. Thanks to Tuthilltown for pointing this out!
  • Also, I have heard from many people in the US whiskey business that Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky. Now I know that is not true. It can be made anywhere in America and still be legally called Bourbon. I don’t know if you care to read the legal restrictions on Bourbon, but there you have them. 😉

Here’s a picture of me just before we taped the show. I would count myself lucky if I could talk to Drew and Paul again someday.

Little old me getting ready to take a Skype call from Drew.

Little old me getting ready to take a Skype call from Drew.


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Tuthilltown Distillery

Tuthilltown Spirits particulars:

Location: 14 Grist Mill Lane, Gardiner, NY
Post code: 12525-5528
Region: United States
Since: 2001


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