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Third Time’s the Charm: Tasting the Cigar Malt

The Dalmore has produced a series of single-malt expressions (three, so far – to my knowledge):

  • Cigar Malt
  • Gran Reserva
  • Cigar Malt Reserve (the sequel)
None of these carry an age statement. The Dalmore is detailed here.

Cigar Malt

At 43% ABV, and with a price less than $50, this was a nice sherried dram that I always liked (sadly, it’s no longer available). The nose is very malty, with leather notes and citrus. It even seems to have a hint of sour cherries (must be the sherry aging…).

Despite the rumors, the whisky wasn’t ever aged in tobacco. 🙂

The finish is not very long, nor is the whisky especially sweet, which may be why it would pair nicely with a cigar. I can’t say, since I don’t smoke. There are tart berries (black currants?) in the finish, but the finish is only average.

If you find a bottle of the original Cigar Malt in a liquor store, it’s a great value. Buy it while it lasts!

Gran Reserva

People told me that they did not like this as much as the Cigar Malt due to the fact that it’s much sweeter than the Cigar Malt. I would concur. There are still cherries and the sweetness reminds me of honey, however it’s not thick…actually it’s got a very thin mouthfeel. This might be a result of the lower ABV (it’s only 40%). There is less leather in the nose and this is much more mellow than the Cigar Malt. There is a tanginess or astringency on the tongue in the finish.

Cigar Malt Reserve

This is the strongest of the three, at 44% ABV. There is more malt (and hay?) on the nose than either of the previous iterations. There is pronounced orange and vanilla in the nose, which I really like, and something nutty (either hazelnut or walnut). The flavors are much more powerful overall, probably due to the ABV. It’s like it was dialed up a notch. The finish has nice oaky or woody notes mixed with what might be anise. I think this is the best of the three. Sadly, it’s also the most expensive (and at $125, I think it’s not a particularly good value).

Full disclosure

I received small samples of the latter two expressions via The Baddish Group. SlĂ inte! I hadn’t had a chance to purchase a bottle of the Gran Reserva before it sold out, and it was nice to get a sample of the “new” Cigar Malt, because it’s a bit out of my price range.

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Tamnavulin particulars:

Location: Ballindaloch, Banffshire, Scotland
Post code: AB37 9JA
Region: Speyside
Since: 1966 (mothballed 1996)


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Invergordon particulars:

Location: Cottage Brae, Invergordon, Ross & Cromarty, Highland, Scotland
Post code: IV18 0HP
Region: Northern Highland (Single Grain)
Since: 1959


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Isle of Jura

Isle of Jura particulars:

Pronunciation: Isle of Dyoura
Location: Craighouse, Isle of Jura, Argyll, Scotland
Post code: PA60 7XT
Region: Highland / Island (Jura)
Since: 1810

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Fettercairn particulars:

Also known as: Old Fettercairn
Pronunciation: Fett.uh.kAYrn
Location: Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Post code: AB30 1YE
Region: Eastern Highland
Since: 1824


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The Dalmore

The Dalmore particulars:

Pronunciation: The dall.Morh
Location: Alness, Morayshire, Scotland
Post code: IV17 0UT
Region: Northern Highland
Since: 1839


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