About Whisky2.0

The Whisky2.0 blog is about taking what I started in and making it bigger. This means:

  • Industry-wide scope (i.e., all whisk(e)y, not just Bruichladdich)
  • More content
  • More technology

I’m aiming to build a community to share and disseminate information about whisk(e)y. As a relative whisk(e)y neophyte, this is the content I wanted when I was learning about whisk(e)y. I don’t know everything — not even close! — but I like sharing what I know and learn.

IMPORTANT STUFF: I hold myself and any contributor to the Drink Blog Code of Conduct. This badge is my way of reinforcing this association.

This is not optional!

This is not optional!

Please read the code and know that I am holding myself to these standards. I go further: My mother told me that if I couldn’t say something nice about someone to not say anything. So if I have to write about an unpleasant topic, I will find a way to build that within a positive narrative. For example, if a whisky suffered from improper storage, I wouldn’t write about how the people who made that mistake were incompetent or stupid. I’d find a way to write about recommendations on how to store whisk(e)y, and give examples of what can happen if you don’t follow the recommendations. In general, I don’t dwell on the negative, but I want to enable people to learn from other people’s mistakes. I would certainly never stoop to pointing fingers at anyone in particular. We’re all only human.

This blog is about more than just the facts: It’s about building an enduring self-sustaining community of whisk(e)y enthusiasts. Whisky2.0 was born 25-November-2008. As of 27-December-2008, Whisky2.0 has a presence on Facebook, too. Slainte!

p.s. Slainte is how to say “cheers” in Gaelic, and it’s pronounced “slahn-cha” (or something very close to that). BTW, please patronize the very cool San Francisco business of the same name.


6 responses to “About Whisky2.0

  1. Michael Schlüter

    22-May-2009 at 08:33


    just added your Site to my blogroll. Maybe is interesting for your german speaking readers…

    Best Regards from Hamburg,

    • tmaufer

      22-May-2009 at 15:27

      I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jessica Halum

    10-May-2010 at 06:15


    I am from Germany too and I am writing in the name
    of a German blog project that is concerned with
    whisky tasting and whisky tasting events in Eastern Germany.

    I like your site (and I have to admitt you do have a very impressive cv)

    I added your site to our blogroll, as well (like my predecessor). Please check out our site and our shop:

    and if you like it, feel free to put us on your blogroll 😉

    Best regards,

    • whisky2dot0

      10-May-2010 at 16:21

      I approved it. Thanks for reaching out — I appreciate it! I’ll update my blogroll soon.

    • whisky2dot0

      10-May-2010 at 21:20

      Your whisk(e)y store and blog are now in my blogroll (the store is also listed in my retail category).

    • whisky2dot0

      10-May-2010 at 21:20

      Your whisk(e)y store and blog are now in my blogroll (the store is also listed in my retail category).


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