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Copy the block of text below and paste it into the comment box for one of the many distilleries listed on this site. From there, you only need to edit the details as you know them and post your comment.

Don’t worry: If you don’t know the right answer, just leave it blank and someone else will fill in the details!

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Name: Nadurra

Age: 16 — or “No Age Statement (NAS)
ABV: 59.2% — when applicable, append: Cask Strength (CS), else nothing other than the percent ABV
Bottling: Official Bottling (OB) (or “Independent Bottling (IB)“)
Bottled by: Distillery or Name_of_Independent_Bottler
Distilled in: 1992
Bottled in: 2008
Status: In production as of 2008 or Limited Edition (xxxx bottles)

Awards: Spirit of Speyside 2008 — Best Whisky 13-20 Years Old



6 responses to “Comment Template

  1. Stephen Hultquist

    26-May-2009 at 04:27

    Name: Clynelish

    Age: 14
    ABV: 46%
    Bottling: OB
    Bottled by: Clynelish Distillery
    Distilled in: 1994
    Bottled in: 2008
    Status: In production as of 2008

    Notes: This coastal highland malt has a complexity with a smoky finish, but it’s the texture that makes it unique. It sits on the tongue almost creamy, with a lingering full mouth.

    • tmaufer

      9-June-2009 at 06:01

      Can you please move this comment to the Clynelish page:

      Thanks! Sorry if my instructions were less than clear.

      • Stephen Hultquist

        9-June-2009 at 12:51

        Sorry, Tom… I admit I’m having a hard time figuring out how these comments are supposed to work!

      • tmaufer

        9-June-2009 at 18:03

        I hope my instructions are clearer now. Maybe this whisky site needs a front-end applet. The site structure would seem to be XML-friendly. Of course, that’s how I think. Is that sad? I think so. 😉

      • Stephen Hultquist

        9-June-2009 at 18:56

        Seems to me that you could do that with a comment form that would feed to the right part of the site.

      • tmaufer

        9-June-2009 at 19:38

        I’ll have to work on my WordPress-fu to see if this is possible. Would be nice to have drop-downs for distillery name, etc.


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